Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nameless virgins and hot box's!

I've had my lovely little, itsey, bitsey blue kiln for a few months now and besides being totally busy with other things, I have not found the 'braves' to fire it. I've been wishing desperately for someone who knows what the hell they are doing to help with its virgin firing!

As I write this I am very aware of the fact that my little blue baby doesn't have a name, OMG how could I have overlooked such an important step in bringing this little baby into the family! So, guys a name is needed. Will happily take any name suggestions under consideration.

After a week of subtle and not so subtle hints, my brother helped me, in his typical Aussie male, 'she'll be right', 'just give it a go' style, he poked the control panel, while half heartedly reading the instruction manual and whoola...she was firing!

The first fired pieces...just simple little test pieces that it seems have been fired successfully!


  1. FABULOUS! Be sure that thermocouple wire is always sticking out about a half inch, and don't ever put anything right up near it or against it.
    You are the woman!

  2. What about calling your kiln Cinderella - in goes a piece of grey clay and out comes a glamorous creation!

    Loving your work and keep checking in to see your latest "I just love it" !!!


  3. So glad you're finally using the little blue baby. The first test pieces look great. Can't wait to see more now. Was it expensive to buy?

  4. Lovin Cinderella as a name...there is magic and enchantment in that little hot box for sure!