About 'Little things from'

Little things from... is a mentorship and skills development journey being undertaken by artist and aspiring jeweller Rachel McKenzie!  

Rachel is an artist and community cultural development worker who rarely finds the time to follow her own creative urges or further develop her own artistic practice.  

Little things from... was born from Rachel's desire to realise her growing collection of designs for jewellery pieces that she did not have the skills to make, along with a desire to dedicate the time and space to replenish herself through her arts practice. 

Jeweller Pam Annesley will assist Rachel with her skills in Metal Clay and Specialist coach Julie Hill will work with Rachel to help her focus her artistic path. Rachel received an 'Emerging Mentorship' grant from Country Arts WA to assist with the funding of this project.

As a way of keeping the focus on the skills development rather than getting caught up on the conceptual side of the work Rachel is deliberately steering away from themes that hold a strong interest and emotion and will aim to have fun and allow herself to play with this new medium. This will be done by simply making the things we often make BIG...little!

This blog is a way for Rachel to share her journey and skills development with you!

*WARNING: This blog may contain swearing, random inspiration, sexual reference, verbal diarrhea, spelling and grammar mistakes, obsessive self-talk and incorrect 'How to' instructions.