Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mullewa monsters!!!

The fun times continued in down town Mullewa, with a little series of workshops at Our Lady Mount Carmel Catholic School...where we made a series of uniquely Mullewa monsters....thanks to the fantabulous Christi Friesen and her lesson plan on Goohlies...but we decided it was best NOT to call them Goohlies! The students would have had way too much fun with that one! Some times those Yanks really do use the rudest words for all the wrong reasons! Ha, Ha! You gotta love quirky cultural differences!!

The kids didn't need much assistance, after a general run down they were off and flying and created a whole army of crazy little dudes, and then while their imaginations were on the go we got them to write stories about how these guys came into being, which we then used to make most lovely little booklet of their stories and images of a selection of their Monsters! When I work out how, I'll post some pages from the booklet! We exhibited the Mullewa Monsters at my exhibition, where they were a super duper hit!

Get the feeling your being watched???

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mullewa gals hot, blingy rings!

What a weekend!
Long, productive, fun filled days!

Check out the Mullewa Gals awesome results!

We set kiln safe stones in clay ball bezels and made shanks to embed in the base of our little house's ..... and I let the girls talk me into doing a third technique..the rivet post, which was all fine and dandy except time did not permit the completion of this...so there were several chatty catch up evenings in my lounge room, come studio!  

Special thanks to Kate Mckinnon and all those who generously share their techniques
and creative tips in books and otherwise! 

Sharing the Love.....silver clay rings and bling!

As part of this mentorship I have aimed to share some of the skills I have gained with my local community! This has partly been done through casual lounge room workshops and conversations with the increasing group of clay gals in Mullewa...and more recently through a series of workshops!

A weekend of Silver clay rings and bling!

You can see the gals brains in action as they draft out their designs!

The girls struggle with difficult clay due to the super hot conditions!
 Oh joy, of joys Mullewa in the summertime!   

Bev is looking pretty pleased...finally success!

 Janine Crudeli's little witch's house is awesome!

In her first attempt, I do believe the student has surpassed the teacher! Rock on girl!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thanks Mullewa!

I received many queries as to 'why' I would choose to have my exhibition in Mullewa, when Geraldton or Perth would provide better exposure and greater potential sales...for me this was an easy choice. It was important for me to share this with and thank those who have been part of this journey with me and.....to walk my talk! 

Things of value can indeed come from small regional communities!   

Little things from.... opening night, and what a night it was! A full and enthusiastic house, a bus load of jewellery students from Geraldton along with locals and friends! 

Some of my silver babies even found new homes!

Special thanks to Debbie and Jane for all your assistance on the night!

Thank you Mullewa!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


The days leading up to the exhibition were filled with the usual madness, long hours and creative doubt.........and finally my babies are set out for the world to see (well Mullewa anyway)!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Creative mess and chaos galore!

It approaching fast....and it always does....the dreaded deadline! Hits you like the hallway wall when you've taken a wrong turn on your way to the loo in the darkness of night, through sleepy eyes!

A most wonderful guy I know, Sunny Drake used to call them LIVESPIRALs...how inspired! Doesn't that  motivate and energise? Where as the DEADLINE...seriously, is full of dread and everything thing that is stuck and non-moving! 

Well its been livespiral all round for more, action central...finishing off all those UFO's (for the non-crafters out there.....Un Finished Objects) and trying to pull some sort of sense and cohesion out of thin air to make this mismatch of work talk to each other...and get some positive relations going on! 

Under the professional hand of Julie Hill..its happened...she has guided and prompted me until it all made sense! Through out this whole project Julie has been there asking me the right questions, so I could find the right answers! Thanks juba! If you want to find out more about what Julie does and how she might be able to work with you...click here!

Monday, February 13, 2012

A heart or seven for Valentines day!

I had someone comment the other day that I don't actually show any of my finished work on the blog.....good point, I say! This has been partly on purpose as what desire would you have to attend an exhibition where you have already seen all the work...I ask you! Not much motivation going on there...so I have kept most of my finished treasures hidden away....but today being the big 'V' day, I thought I'd share a heart or two with you all!

 You make my HEART soar!

I'd go to the moon for you sweetHEART!

A HEART full of Hope!

Handle this HEART with care and together we will mend!

The innocent HEART!

A HEART that knows its self!

The HEART full of faith!