Friday, December 9, 2011

Recycle & reconstitute!

What a very satisfying little exercise this was......!

left overs, buggered up bits, wanna be 's, got no chance of being jewellry, 
dry crsusty clay!

Cut up any big bits, then grind them up in a morter and pessel or a coffee grinder.

Pam sift the clay particals to ensure no big bits have snuck through without 
getting a good grinding.

Slowly add distilled water and mix...I had it explained to me as the same as making a white sauce, a little at a time...unless of course your like me who just goes the whole hog, pour a bucket load of milk in and hope that after some serious simmering it will all bind itself into a lovely lump-less sauce!

You want the clay to come away form the bowl in one lovely lump...if its too wet you will need to leave it for a bit to lose a bit of moisture.

oil up two sheets of plastic...(Pam uses a plastic A4 folder) and roll out the clay and then fold it back up on itself and do this several times to get a good consistancy.

Roll the clay up in some glad wrap and let sit for several hours or overnight before you use your newly reconsitutied clay!

I've been collecting my little jar of discarded clay and sanding's for months...and in the last few days contributed several ugly attempts at hollow beads...all of this ground up and reconsituted weighed a wopping 89 grams...and for those clayers out' know that is a wooping lot of clay...worth around $200. OMG!

Can I just say again how satisfying this exerscie almost like grinding up all those wasted hours and disapointing failures into somethings usable and valuable! Love it

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