Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mullewa monsters!!!

The fun times continued in down town Mullewa, with a little series of workshops at Our Lady Mount Carmel Catholic School...where we made a series of uniquely Mullewa monsters....thanks to the fantabulous Christi Friesen and her lesson plan on Goohlies...but we decided it was best NOT to call them Goohlies! The students would have had way too much fun with that one! Some times those Yanks really do use the rudest words for all the wrong reasons! Ha, Ha! You gotta love quirky cultural differences!!

The kids didn't need much assistance, after a general run down they were off and flying and created a whole army of crazy little dudes, and then while their imaginations were on the go we got them to write stories about how these guys came into being, which we then used to make most lovely little booklet of their stories and images of a selection of their Monsters! When I work out how, I'll post some pages from the booklet! We exhibited the Mullewa Monsters at my exhibition, where they were a super duper hit!

Get the feeling your being watched???

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