Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sharing the Love.....silver clay rings and bling!

As part of this mentorship I have aimed to share some of the skills I have gained with my local community! This has partly been done through casual lounge room workshops and conversations with the increasing group of clay gals in Mullewa...and more recently through a series of workshops!

A weekend of Silver clay rings and bling!

You can see the gals brains in action as they draft out their designs!

The girls struggle with difficult clay due to the super hot conditions!
 Oh joy, of joys Mullewa in the summertime!   

Bev is looking pretty pleased...finally success!

 Janine Crudeli's little witch's house is awesome!

In her first attempt, I do believe the student has surpassed the teacher! Rock on girl!

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  1. oh gosh - I missed this post. I've just seen the finished results and they are incredible. Awesome.