Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Creative mess and chaos galore!

It approaching fast....and it always does....the dreaded deadline! Hits you like the hallway wall when you've taken a wrong turn on your way to the loo in the darkness of night, through sleepy eyes!

A most wonderful guy I know, Sunny Drake used to call them LIVESPIRALs...how inspired! Doesn't that  motivate and energise? Where as the DEADLINE...seriously, is full of dread and everything thing that is stuck and non-moving! 

Well its been livespiral all round for more, action central...finishing off all those UFO's (for the non-crafters out there.....Un Finished Objects) and trying to pull some sort of sense and cohesion out of thin air to make this mismatch of work talk to each other...and get some positive relations going on! 

Under the professional hand of Julie Hill..its happened...she has guided and prompted me until it all made sense! Through out this whole project Julie has been there asking me the right questions, so I could find the right answers! Thanks juba! If you want to find out more about what Julie does and how she might be able to work with you...click here!

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