Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lay your cards on the table!

Every thing you do in silver clay is measured in cards! Yes, you heard me playing cards. When rolling out clay you use playing cards stacked in even amounts on either side of the clay. You use the cards to ensure you roll the clay at an even thickness and it is also used to control the thickness of the clay.

So when you read clay project instructions etc...it will also refer to a card thickness...such as..roll a 5cm long strip 3 cards thick. 

...and with the expense of the clay its helpful to keep an eye on things.

I often find that while I'm thinking (staring out the window day dreaming) my hands automaticly start shuffling.....a sign of one too many friday nights in the neighbours shed playing Black Jack.

Although the cards are a very useful tool they are sometimes restrictive and frustrating...when you are rolling a piece of clay longer than the stretch of the card, you either have to stop mid roll and move the cards or you can try to butt two stacks of cards together and hope they stay together while you roll but generally you end up with a dip where the cards don't meet.....sends me batty!

So, now with all that hoo har background info let me intoduce you to my new 'non-stop rollin baby'!

The roller comes with these little groves in each end and a selection of different sized rubber rings, that...you guessed it, are measured in card thickness. Red for two cards, Blue for 3 cards etc. You place the desired bands into the groves and then you roll away...at the desired card height! 

Woohoo!  No rolling off the end of the card, no issues with rolling in the opposite direction...just roll away baby!

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