Monday, July 18, 2011

The ring that didn't fit (These big hands!)

I have big hands....seriously lets get real! I have really big hands. And now that I sitting here looking at them, I'm wondering how it is that they manage to do the really little fiddly things that I have them do...and dear hands I must say that you do them so well, mostly you execute that which my mind dreams up with relative ease! In fact I'll take this moment to thank and pay homage to my hands! Hard working appendages that so often get taken for granted.

Arrr yes, the ring that didn't fit! Not that this is such a big deal really, rings NEVER fit me...and even when I try to get them sized I'm often told that the little silver band just cant do it, it just wont stretch that far...sorry love! 

Well hoo har to that I say, let make some big arss rings that can adorn these hands! And so with much excitement I set about making was one of the first things I wanted Pam to teach me.

Teach how to make rings, rings, please lets do rings!

..and so the ring making begins...I do the measuring, then taking the shrinkage into account, I made it two sizes bigger, I used a correctly sized investment and still after all of this.....the little beauty doesn't fit...Waaaaaaaaaa!

You know that dog like creature from the dark crystal... called fizgig? when he cries,his mouth, in fact his whole head opens up to let out a wail...I'm doing that right now!


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